Using S3QL with Rackspace Cloud Files

I did struggle with this for hours, until I read the changelog of the feature

$ cat ~/.s3ql/authfile2
storage-url: rackspace://HKG/s3ql
backend-login: XXXXX
backend-password: XXXXX

The catch is that the password you have to use is the portal password, not the API key, not a token.
Just the portal password. :)

I'm using HKG region and the container name is s3ql

To mount use this simple command

$ mount.s3ql --authfile ~/.s3ql/authfile2 rackspace://HKG/s3ql /media/s3ql

EDIT: This is better

$ mount.s3ql --cachedir=/var/tmp --authfile ~/.s3ql/authfile2 rackspace://HKG/s3ql /media/s3ql