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Ansible Vault

I'm just going to do a quick comment on it, I wish Ansible had something like SaltStack's Pillar I could use vars: and Vault to replace the Pillar but is not the same :(

Salt autorun, a cautionary tale

if you have running salt for some time, most likely you have something like this startup_states: 'highstate' schedule: highstate: function: state.highstate minutes: 60 In your minion's config file. If you don't have it or don't know what, it is here is the explanation: # Run states when the minion daemon …

Environment matching in saltstack

While I was looking how to match an environment in salt, I could find a way. {{ env }} is not a grain, so is hard to manipulate, then I came out with this: For each environment, I define the key pillar_env on it's pillar, then reference it when I want to …