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New email server problems

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Farewell tk

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Open Source Developer Meetup #12

I gave a short talk in the #12 Open Source Developer Meetup hosted by The talk was about two easy to use tools to improve email privacy Mail-in-a-box and Autocrypt The Slides and link to the Event Looking forward for the next meetup! :)

Using nullmailer to forward emails to a smarthost using SSL keys for authentication

I have read many blogs that at some point state that a post is to document something for future use This post is like that, this is something I have done very recently and now I'm writing down about it so I know how to do it again in the …

Going back to mutt... and thunderbird

I did a quick back to mutt after 2 or 3 years of uninterrupted thunderbird usage, the main reason was I was tired of waiting on thunderbird to sync the sent and draft folders. What I love of mutt is not mutt itself, but offlineimap or even better isync which …

Fuck you

This is great, a blacklist provider decides to shutdown and instead of take the server down they let the server running sending false positives too all queries. Great, just fucking great. You are not doing anything to big fishes or spammers, just hurting people that run their own email server …