Blog migration

I'm not inspired to write more today, so I'll keep this one short

My hosting is force to move out my server to another DC, it wasn't on my plan not even in a million years but here am I.

I'm taking the opportunity to simplify my setup, I plan to distribute my blog, email, monitoring, etc. in multiple smaller servers. It should be better, cheaper or just plain easier to dist-upgrade.

In the last point is fair to add now that my server was still running Jessie that is almost EOL. There is not easy upgrade path to Stretch due to PHP, Amavis and perhaps other packages I'm not aware they'll break.

For my next email server (by far the most complex thing I administer in my free time) I plan to setup everything to use text files, no $DB, no LDAP, no magic.

I'll save users and their (encrypted) passwords in text files, I'll write aliases and domains in text files, I'll blah and blah in text files. You get the point.

My goal is to setup a server for the next 10 years, I'll track Debian stable, upgrade on releases, keep the system up to date using unattended-upgrades and reduce my administrative cost to the lowest possible.

Going back to my the topic of this post. I migrated from ikiwiki to Pelican the main reason being the not-so-standard Markdown in ikiwiki and the lack of themes, although I liked how my old blog looked like.

Pelican has a bigger community around which makes easier to "shop around" for themes, plugins, etc. I'm not a web developer and while I'm improving my development skills is not easy (neither interests me) to do web (css, html?) development.

At the same time Pelican community embraces more Google analytics and Disqus, which I don't. I had to remove all traces of them (and Facebook, Twitter, etc) from the theme I chosen

There are redirections in place for the RSS and my GPG key links, I really hope ppl subscribed to the feed (if any) won't download all the articles again.

I really like Pelican, I really like the fact that the html is built in my local machine before it gets transfer to the web server.

I ended writing a lot, lol.