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Open Source Developer Meetup #12

I gave a short talk in the #12 Open Source Developer Meetup hosted by The talk was about two easy to use tools to improve email privacy Mail-in-a-box and Autocrypt The Slides and link to the Event Looking forward for the next meetup! :)

Don't look back, remove your shell history!

For most of the time I can remember using Linux I kept as much shell history as possible, I commonly had history files with thousands of lines of history. One of my sources of pride was this function to selectively choose what to save and not HISTSIZE=5000 SAVEHIST=5000 …

Using nullmailer to forward emails to a smarthost using SSL keys for authentication

I have read many blogs that at some point state that a post is to document something for future use This post is like that, this is something I have done very recently and now I'm writing down about it so I know how to do it again in the …

RPI3 is not that slow

I bought a bunch of Raspberry Pi 3 for a project (I'll post about it soon), in the meanwhile I compiled the kernel /mnt is an old, slow, ugly USB stick I got on a conference, go figure! $ make -j4 bcm2709_defconfig O=/mnt [...snip...] $ time make -j4 O=/mnt [...snip …

Ansible Vault

I'm just going to do a quick comment on it, I wish Ansible had something like SaltStack's Pillar I could use vars: and Vault to replace the Pillar but is not the same :(

Using dnsmasq and unbound at the same time

This isn't a new topic, a lot of people does it already. You can Google and see for yourself, but I'm doing something else I run a local domain at home ( , and also I run a local domain in my laptop (example.lap), for vm/containers/lxc. The …

Starting to post about AWS and CloudFormation

I usually run my own infrastructure so I never really played with AWS until now. I mean I used the free tier a few times but never passed that stage. The Cloud system/orchestration/whatever I'm most familiar with is OpenStack. Having said that let's get to the meat of …

F**k me, I'm famous

Besides the lolz I was involved on an identify thief incident, somebody created a GPG key with the same short id as mine. It is important to mention that while short id is different the complete id(s) are different on both keys. Gunnar Wolf, wrote in great detail about …

I'm going to DebConf 16

I'm going to DebConf 16 in Cape Town, South Africa, I can't wait to be there :D